How to become a VoIP Reseller of Dellmont?

Sign Up at any one service of Dellmont Voip Providers as a reseller. Click Here to get the direct Sign Up page.
In the sign up page you have to fill up the following data:
   -User Name:
   -Retype password:
   -Email address:       
   -Country: (Choose your country from here, Your reseller user name will be displayed in chosen country.)

2. Listed or not
(click yes , then your reseller ID will be shown in the reseller list)

Reseller List Texts
(What ever you write here will be shown on the reseller list. you can write you phone number or your price offer here. You can change it any time so you can put what ever you want.)

Detailed Description
(Here you should write your details information such as phone number,contact address, bank account details,etc)

3. Confirmation
Enter the letters depicted above:
(it’s the verification code. write the letter shown above. The entire letters are in Capital format but you should consider the bold and tall letter as Capital and all others as small letter)

At last click on Register.

 2. After sign up you will be Loged in automatically to the account page, Here you will be asked for your country, personal details, phone number and billing address. So fill up everything and click save button.
Don’t forget to mark the check box" I declare that the above details are correct "

That’s Done!, your reseller ID is ready. Now look at the account options and you must see the following.

Local Reseller Menu
    Create multiple accounts
    Money transfer
    Recent transfers
    Generate Vouchers
    View Vouchers
    Local Reseller Information
    Reseller List Texts

It’s very easy. Now buy some credit and start reselling. To send money to customer ID click on money transfer and you will get 2 blank field. In the first field put the amount you want to transfer and the 2nd field write the user name and just click send and its will be done. To see the credit transfer history click on recent transfer. 

Please Note that with a Reseller account in any Dellmont product you can send minimum 10 euro or 10 dollar. its not possible to send 5 euro or 5 dollar from dellmont/ betamax reseller account. So if you want to sell 5 euro/ 5 dollar and if you want to sell credit to other reseller or agent then see the following website:

Be a dellmont mobile voip top reseller so that you can sell 5 euro and can sell to reseller also. see more :